Get a FREE $5 Gift Card For Completing A Survey??? What Do You Think?

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amazon $5 gift card for doing a surve

UPDATE – GONE!! DARN THIS WENT FAST! I know IHeartRadio is legit, but I’m not 100% sure that this promotion is. It states that just for signing up and completing a survey (that you will receive via e-mail) you will get a $5 Amazon gift card.

I signed up. The form you fill out is on (no .com). You have to enter your phone number (I have a fake that I use). They also ask for your address and e-mail address. I figure the worst thing that can happen is I get more spam. When the e-mail comes if something has to be downloaded I would never do that, but I think most e-mails are scanned now (aren’t they)?

If you do this you need to use dashes when entering your phone number. You can sign up here. I’ll let you know when I get my e-mail and if I ever receive my gift card. :-)

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